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"S" Litter

Quindecim z hrdinneho Odvahy x Daggi z Kokesova Dvora


Quindecim z Hrdinneho Odvahy

SV: HD: A1-Normal, ED: A1-Normal

DM: N/N (Clear)


Daggi z Kokesova Dvora

SV: Hips: A1-Normal; Elbows: Normal

DM: N/N (DM Clear)


Born October 14, 2021


These puppies should have great structure and nice heads. This litter is mainly Czech and Slovak, with some West German working lines. This pairing should produce very balanced puppies. We are expecting versatile puppies with great temperaments. We expect they will have a nice off switch allowing them to settle easily. We expect these puppies will be somewhat aloof to strangers and other dogs, but they will bond tightly with their family. They should have nice prey drive, but not over the top. They should have balanced defensive drives and high food drive. They will do well in companion or sport homes.

2 Sable males (reserved)

1 Black & Tan male (reserved)

2 Sable females  (reserved)

4 Black & Tan females (1 reserved, 3 available)


To streamline the process, we ask that prospective buyers complete our application on Good Doog.

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