All puppies are $1800. Older puppies or dogs may be more according to the level of training.


A deposit of $450 will reserve a puppy. The deposit is applied to the purchase price. Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable. If the buyer is unable to take the puppy due to unforeseen circumstances, the deposit may held for up to one year to be applied to a different litter. If we are unable to provide the buyer with the puppy for any reason, a full refund of the deposit will be provided to the buyer or the buyer may choose to apply the deposit towards a puppy from a different litter. 

Puppy Selection

Our goal is to match each puppy and family to the best fit for everyone. Puppy selection takes place around 7 weeks old, after their drives, temperaments, and personalities are more apparent. Puppy selection is based on the needs of the family and the needs of the puppy, in the order of deposit received. Consideration will be made for gender preferences and color preferences when possible. We will not place a puppy in a home we believe will not be a good match. Ultimately, everyone ends up unhappy if the match is not a good fit.

Puppy Care

We raise our puppies in our home using many of the Puppy Culture protocols. Our goal is to give each puppy it's best start through love, play and exposure to many different experiences to enable them to be healthy, confident, happy puppies when they leave our home. We de-worm the puppies several times according to standard care protocols for puppies. We provide their first round of vaccinations as well as microchip. They will also be examined by our veterinarian before leaving our home.

Health Guarantees

Our puppies are guaranteed to be free of genetic disorders. 

Hips are guaranteed to be free of dysplasia. It will be the buyer's responsibility to have the puppy/dog x-rayed and OFA certified by an orthopedic veterinarian at two years of age. Failure to maintain a healthy weight nullifies this portion of the pup’s guarantee. Failure to complete OFA certification by the age of 26 months nullifies this portion of the pup’s guarantee. If a problem is seen within the allowed time frame, written OFA verification will be required before any refund or replacement is given. We highly recommend, especially for sport dog families, that “pre-lims” be done by an orthopedic veterinarian by 12 months of age. If dysplasia is verified by an orthopedic veterinarian, the puppy/dog will be replaced from the first available litter. A statement from a vet verifying spay/neuter of the affected puppy will be required.


We put a lot of effort into planning our breedings and raising our puppies. Therefore, we are proud of the dogs we produce. To recognize your dog as coming from our kennel, we include our kennel name (Aus der Asche) as the suffix of each dog we produce. We also assign each litter a letter that the first name should begin with. This helps with record keeping and identification.


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