Planned  Litters

Sire: SG Panter z Gemera SVV1


Dam: D Capri Vikar IGP3


Pregnancy has been confirmed via ultrasound! Puppies are due March 1st. They should be ready for their new homes late April.

Litter Pedigree

Sire: SG Vayko von Peroh IGP3

Vayko Stack.jpg

Dam: VD Brenny Orrylordblack IGP2


Brenny has been bred to Vayko for her upcoming litter. Puppies are estimated to arrive March14th and be ready to go home in May.

Litter Pedigree

Sire : Faro Blendy IGP2

Faro Blendy.jpg

Dam: D Capri Vikar IGP3


Capri will be bred to Faro for her next heat cycle, late 2022.

Litter Pedigree

To streamline the process, we ask that prospective buyers complete our application on Good Doog.

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