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"O" Litter

C Kaiser Aus der Asche x Sara Sunami


C Kaiser Aus Der Asche


OFA: HD: Good, ED: Normal

DM: N/DM (Carrier)

Sara Sunami,Bi-Color GSD female, Head shot
Sara Sunami, Bi-Color GSD female, Stacked picture

SG Sara Sunami BH-VT, SVV1

FCI: Hips: Normal, Elbows: Normal

DM: N/N (Clear)

Breed Survey: Suchno: 5CX5/45 N

All puppies reserved!

Born April 25, 2021


We're expecting these puppies will be medium to large in size with large bone and correct structure. Puppies are sable, solid black and black & tan. I expect they will be strong, athletic dogs. I'm expecting they will be extremely sound puppies. These puppies should be somewhat social, but aloof. I'm expecting medium to high prey with a nice balance of defensive drives from this litter. We're expecting this litter to produce somewhat serious dogs who will bond strongly with their owner. They should have good off switches making them great on the field and in the home. They will be suitable for working, sport, or active companion homes.

Sara gave us 6 puppies with this litter.

2 sable males

2 black & tan males

2 black males

All puppies now reserved.

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