"N" Litter

Dacota von Arrowwood x Xira Venusina Sopka

Dacota von Arrowwood PSA1

OFA: HD: Good, ED: Normal

DM: N/N (Clear)

Xira Venusina Sopka Dam Sable GSD

VD Xira Venušina Sopka ZVV1


DM N/DM (Carrier)

Breed Survey: CMKU 1st Class Lifetime 5VQ1/N


Due January 24th, 2021

Expected January. Puppies will be sable or bi-color. They should have correct structure and possibly upper end of standard in size. Combining Czech and West German working lines, this pairing should produce balanced somewhat serious puppies. We are expecting versatile puppies with great temperaments. They should be athletic. We expect these puppies will be somewhat social but aloof, environmentally sound. They will do well in sport or companion homes. 

Reservations for this litter are full.

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