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VD Cak od Turoveckých rybníků BH/VT IGP2

We are thrilled to have brought Cak into the US! Cak is a confident, attentive dog with a balanced nature and strong nerves. He has very good conformation with a strong head and good expression. He is a large, powerful male. Cak works eagerly for either the ball or food. His prey drive is high; his bites are full and crushing. Cak has high energy and a love for work. However, he also enjoys spending time with his people as he has a nice "off switch". Cak's sire, Bordy Blendy, is one of my favorite stud dogs currently competing, I believe his pedigree has a lot to offer in our breeding program. 

We are working to achieve his IGP3 soon.

Bordy Blendy x Leyla Mania Bohemia 

Birthdate: August 29, 2017

Czech Import

Breed Survey: 5V1/P

Hips: 0/0

Elbows: 0/0

HD-ZW 81 (10-19) 

Spondy: Free

DM: N/N (DM-Free)



Quindecim z Hrdinneho Odvahy

Quindecim is an upcoming young male training in personal protection. He is a serious male with intense focus. He has good prey drive, but even stronger defensive drives. He prefers to work for the ball or tug. His conformation is excellent and his movement is correct. He has a very nice off switch. He is co-owned with his breeder, Sarah Clark.

Birthdate: April 15, 2018

Hips: SV: A - Normal (A1)

Elbows: SV: A - Normal (A1)

DM: N/N (DM-Free)


I Thunder vom Norrishaus

Thunder is our son's young male. Thunder is a very regal male with a great disposition. He is a larger male with a strong head. He has high energy and LOVES the ball. He has excellent food and prey drives. He gets along well with other dogs and people with no issues. He has a great disposition, able to do well in any environment. To me, it speaks volumes the way he adores my 14 year old son and will "work" for him with such passion.

Birthdate: May 4, 2018

Hips: Pending

Elbows: Pending

DM: N/N (DM-Free)


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