"M " Litter

Xerxes Manepo Ideal x Capri Vikar

VD Xerxes Manepo Ideal BH, ZVV1,IPO3, IGP3, FPr3


FCI: HD: A-Normal, ED: A-Normal

DM: N/N (Clear)

Breed Survey: 7V1/P


D Capri Vikar BH-VT, IPO1, IGP3

FCI: Hips: A-Normal, Elbows: Normal

DM: Pending

Breed Survey: 1st class 5CKX1/P


Born December 27th 2020


Capri is our recent import from the Czech Republic.We bred her to Xerxes before bringing her home. You can find more information on him here. I'm expecting puppies that will be ideal for protection sport or working homes. I'm expecting high drives and that they will be strong, powerful dogs. These puppies should be moderately social, but aloof. 

We're expecting these puppies will be on the upper end of standard in size with correct structure. Puppies will be sable, black & tan, with a possibility of solid black also.

This litter consists of 1 male puppy and he is already reserved.