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Located in Conroe, Texas

(Just North of Houston, TX)

H   Litter

Cak od Turoveckých rybníků x Goldy vom Haus Westland

VD Cak od Turoveckých rybníků BH/VT IGP2

RTG: HD: Normal, ED: Normal

Spondy: Free

DM: N/N (Clear)

Breed Survey: CMKU: 1st Class 5V1/P

Goldy vom Haus Westland

Hips: Good

Elbows: Normal

DM: N/N (DM Clear)


Born December 21st, 2019

I expect they will all have very nice, correct structure. I expect they will be smart, powerful dogs. I expect these puppies to be social, but aloof. I'm expecting high prey with a nice balance of defensive drives from this litter. I'm expecting good hunt drive from this litter as well. These puppies will do best in working, sport, or experienced active pet homes.

Hank is a black & tan male. He will be a larger male with a nice head. He is an active, athletic puppy with a pleasant disposition. He has good problem solving abilities. He has good prey and food drive. He has a good off switch and enjoys hanging out with the family. 

Heidi is a black & tan female with very nice feminine expression. She is a social puppy who enjoys being with her people. She is smart and athletic. She has good food and prey drive; she really enjoys the chase. 

Hades is a sable male. He will be large and masculine. He has very high prey drive and high food drive. He enjoys the chase but the fight is his favorite! He will be a powerful, dominant male. He will do best with an experienced handler. (reserved)

Hella is a sable female. She has a feminine expression and very nice markings. She is smart and confident. She has very high prey drive and high food drive. She is also one who really enjoys the fight. She will be an extreme female. Available only to an experienced handler.


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