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Hasan Ja Na Ka x Xira Venusina Sopka

Hasan Ja Na Ka Patterned Sable GSD
Xira Venusina Sopka Dam Sable GSD


Born March 24, 2019

sire: SG Hasan Ja Na Ka IPO2 AD KKL1

SV: HD/ED normal SV; OCD-free, LÜW – 0, DM N/N

dam: VD Xira Venušina Sopka ZVV1

RTG: HD/ED A/B, DM N/N Import from the Czech Republic.


Black & Tan female

Dračí is very confident and active, with lots of prey and food drive. She has a good "off switch". She does well with both younger and older dogs. She will do great in a sport or active family home.

She has received first sets of shots, been de-wormed multiple times and checked by our vet. She is crate trained and has started obedience training and tracking.


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